Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some time since the last post...

...and much has happened in the interim period.

A bit of success; the chicken coop and run is completed and is operational.  The chickens all went in to their new home on Sunday evening, after the run was assembled, the perches installed and the gate hung.  We'll leave them in there for at least a week before letting them free range for several hours of each day again.

There's a number of innovations I'd like to add to the basic structure.  I intend to collect the water off the roof to fill the water bowls.  The kids want us to build a self-refilling feeder that they saw constructed on a TV programme recently.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Things that are Never Quite Finished or are Inevitably Ongoing on the Block

Some things never go away, or never stop when living on a rural lifestyle block. And not that we'd really want most of them to go away anyway...
  • Looking after the needs of the animals in your care
  • Finding something that needs fixing
  • Conceiving and planning the next project
  • Finishing the last major project you started
  • Mowing the lawns and managing the plant growth
  • Eradicating the weeds
  • Thinking of a new tool or piece of equipment that would be useful
  • Preparing for the next season
  • Paying it all off…
  • Enjoying the peace and quiet and the space