Saturday, February 6, 2010


It's not all hard work on the block.  We've taken a few weekends off for some summertime adventures.

I've taken each of my kids out for a kayaking adventure recently;

I've made them each a single ended wooden paddle which is much easier for them to use.

The top pictures are the adventure which started in Matakana, went through farmland and estuary to Sandspit and then round the coast a bit to Buckletons Bay.  

The next trip was from Buckletons Bay, up the coast and into Campbells Bay, collecting cockles, and then home again.

The critical components of successful kayak adventures with kids are;

- Talk it up.  Build the excitement.
- Take plenty of breaks.
- Bring some warm gear (just in case) and make sure they wear a lifejacket.
- Take a snack pack.  We take chocolate, lollies, drinks, some fruit, maybe a sandwich and then some more chocolate.  I'm pretty sure this is currently the highlight of adventures for our kids.


  1. Ahh, if my comment shows up in triplicate, please excuse ...

    What I've said three times already, and been rejected is ... beautiful area you live in. Your kids are lucky!

    And, what is a 'lifestyle block'?

    Hi Andy, Kim from 'Top of the Meadow' here. Nice to meet you!

  2. Hi Kim. Lifestyle Block is a New Zealand term really. It usually refers to a bit of rural land that's not really a farm but enables a rural type lifestyle. We've got 5 acres, have 5 types of animals, big vege gardens, lots of fruit trees, lots of stuff for the kids and lots of space to enjoy...

  3. Oh it looks fabulous! It has been too long since I've been in a kayak!