Thursday, January 14, 2010

List of my least favourite tasks to do around the lifestyle block

Mowing the lawns – they’re huge, and we don’t have a ride-on mower. It's great exercise though...

Cleaning the deck – we let our chickens free range most of the time, but they invariably spend a lot of time around us and frequently poop on the deck.

Finding a short in the electric fence – this can be infuriating…

Trying to get rid of noxious weeds – spraying is our least preferred option. We try to stay on top of weeds by digging them out as they pop up.

Ending the life of a sick and elderly chicken – as a newbie to the rural lifestyle I had never previously taken the life of an animal. Three chickens so far have gone under the axe. Quick and easy for them, but very challenging for me.

Catching vermin – they get into the chicken coop, the compost, and goodness knows what else. Especially in winter.

Restocking the firewood basket in the middle of winter when it’s raining

Paying someone to do a job for us – There’s plenty of things I can’t do, or have stuffed up trying to do them. Sometimes we have to get an expert in…

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