Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things you can do with/for the kids

Another list that could be endless and will definitely be added to in time. We've done each of these things.

Hang a tire swing from a large tree – you’ll be able to get a free used tire from a tire retailer. The only cost will be the rope and the eyelet fitting that pokes out of the tire.

Build them their own raised vegetable gardens – this encourages them to take real ownership of their garden and pride in the produce that results

Give them their own animals – School run calf club is a great and long run idea. Kids raise their animals, and in many cases keep them well past Calf Club day. We’ve raised lambs and chickens so far. The kids take much greater ownership over the feeding, watering and caring of the animals if they are their animals.

Mow a bike track – Lower the lawnmower a couple of notches and mow a track around the house. If the kids have mountain bikes the track can extend into the paddocks also. ”Build a track and they will ride on it”.

Camp out – You live on a lifestyle block so you can definitely find a suitable camping site. It can seem like a real camping trip to the kids, but you still have the shower and other facilities right there if required. If it rains, and you’re a bit soft, you can call it quits and come inside.

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  1. What a great way to spend a summer evening - even your tables are built in ready for use!