Friday, January 22, 2010

List of Weekend Jobs on the Block

The weekends are a busy time on a lifestyle block.  The whole family helps, even the little kids who are still very keen to be involved in whatever we are doing.  What's up this weekend?...

Cut firewood for the upcoming winter – we had a large pine tree fall into our property from council owned land a few months ago and have spent many hours processing this up. There’s a good 2 winter’s worth of warmth in it.  Pine is light enough wood to dry well before this winter.

Check fences, troughs, gates etc

Mow the lawns – the perennial chore. But the property looks so much better when the lawns are mowed.

Stay on top of the weeds. Unfortunately the neighbours aren’t so good at this, so our boundaries in particular sprout many weeds. The place is small enough so that walking the paddocks and pulling the weeds out by hand is possible. Woolly nightshade, Californian thistle, blackberry and ragwort are our lifestyle block’s greatest enemies.  This topic deserves a list in itself.

Vegetable gardening – mainly my wife’s domain. This is going well, but needs to be watered and tended regularly at the moment. There’s still plenty of produce to come including watermelon, pumpkin, potatoes, corn and more strawberries.

Trim the boundary plantings. These have grown over spring and summer and the new growth keeps shorting the electric fences.

Continue the construction projects – the new and improved chicken coop is well underway, but needs further materials and progress.

Check and tend the animals - this is done every day, but even more carefully over the weekend.


  1. I hope these weekend jobs provide some relaxation as well as work. It sounds like hard work to me! The new and improved chicken coop sounds interesting - some photos would be good to see when it is finished. Have seen a huge variety in chicken coops lately.

  2. Pictures of the emerging coop have just been posted.