Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Most valued tools and equipment on the block

I’ve started with a list that could be endless. I don’t even have all of these things, or some I do have are broken. But I wish I had the whole list.

I anticipate that a follow-up list will be required in due course….

The list then, in no particular order…

Good gumboots – don’t settle for the cheapies; they don’t last
Shovel - for manure, compost, dirt etc
Wire/bolt cutters
Craft knife – these are great for cutting flax and other fibrous plants
Pruning saw
Buckets - you can’t have too many of these
A good torch – things often happen at night, well away from the house
A length of good quality rope
Chainsaw – plus all the associated safety gear
A set of crescent spanners
Fencing pliers
Fine nose pliers
Pipe wrench
Some hot tape
Electric fence unit
Sprayer (not for nasty toxic sprays of course)
Voltage meter
Stock yards
Good waterproof gear
Compost bins
Somewhere to store the tools and equipment

1 comment:

  1. A great list. Thanks for the tip on craft knife use for flax. The previous owners kindly planted this magnificant plant alongside fences. It now pushes on them so much that the battons meet the hot wire!!
    Torch - total agreement. A good strong one, waterproof and with a wide strong beam preferably.

    Keep up your great work.